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When selecting automatic gates for you premises there are a number of options available.

Swing gates – These are the most common form of gates and are ideal for many situations. Swing gates are hung on pillars and most commonly split in the center to swing either inwardly or outwardly.

Some swing gates have a single panel that swings open, but the length of the gate will be limited due to the weight and opening mechanism. Two mechanisms are required, one attached to each panel.

Swing gates require a flat surface to swing over, making them inappropriate in situation where the surface rises in the swing area.

Gate and Barrier Repair and MaintenanceSliding gates – If space is limited or the driveway slopes, sliding gates are a good solution. Sliding gates run along a track laid into the ground and can cover a wider opening than swing gates.

One of the advantages of automatic sliding gates is that only one motor is required and this can often be buried in the ground, with only a gearbox exposed.

The main disadvantage of sliding gates is that because the gate slides, it will require space to slide into so is not suitable in all situations.

Lift Gates or Barriers – Lift gates or barriers are commonly used in car parks and level crossings to control vehicular entry to an area. They are most suitable where side space is unavailable.

In order to active the gate or barrier there are many options available, from remote control transmitters to coded keypads to RFID keyfobs or paid magnetic card systems.

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