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Industrial Door Maintenance

Regular industrial door maintenance inspection

Did you know that even if you don’t own the building that your business is located in, industrial door maintenance is your responsibility. It is not the responsibility of your landlord.

Under Regulation 5 of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER), industrial doors are classed as machinery, and as such should be regularly inspected, and maintained. The frequency of the service period will very much depend on the amount of usage that a door gets, but as a minimum it should be at least once a year.

Also of note is Regulation 5 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) regulations 1992, which states

“The workplace and the equipment, devices and systems  shall be maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair”.

Under the same regulations industrial door maintenance can only be carried out by competent fitters, engineers or technicians. This means someone who has been trained and qualified by experience and qualifications.

Further, on the installation of an industrial door, BS EN 12635:2002 states that Individual doors should have a log book that details the following:

•    Name and contact details of the manufacturer
•    Unique identification number
•    Door location reference (if known)
•    Name and contact details of the installer
•    Date of completion of installation
•    The results of installation verification and testing
•    Identification of power unit
•    Identification of safety devices
•    The results

In addition, the log book should contain a record of maintenance and the results of any testing that an engineer has carried out.

Poorly or non-maintained doors will fail, and can cause injury or death, and if you do not provide the health and safety executive with the required and up to date paperwork you could face very heavy fines or even imprisonment for failure to have your doors serviced on a regular basis.

For these reasons, the industrial door maintenance company you choose should keep (paper) records of all the doors that they work on, including its location, service intervals, the Make of the door, type of operation, dimensions, type of safety devices fitted, the results of a service, and more. They should also keep records of which access method is required to reach the doors’ mechanisms, such as whether ladders, scaffolding or scissor lifts are required. This helps them ensure that the necessary equipment is available to help them carry out the industrial door maintenance tasks efficiently and with the minimum of down time.

If the door maintenance company does not provide you with the correct documentation, they are failing you!

Anglia Door Systems has a market leading reputation in industrial door maintenance and provides you with the documentation you need to ensure you comply with the law and keeps your employees safe from industrial door accidents.

The service intervals of your doors is very much dependent on the doors usage. A door that is used infrequently, say once a day, will only need to be serviced once a year, whereas doors that are operated up to 50 times a day will require a service interval of possibly once every two months.

At Anglia Doors, we offer two levels of industrial door maintenance contract, that can save you money and keep your doors running smoothly. When  you sign up to one of our service contracts you also benefit from discounts on any repairs that may be required.

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