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Loading Bay Equipment Repair and MaintenanceThe fast loading or unloading of goods from a trailer to the warehouse is much faster if the loading dock and the edge of the trailer are at the same level. Dock leveling equipment is essential to allow the smooth movement of palletisers or fork lifts on and off the trailer.

There are two main types of dock leveler, pit levelers and edge-of-dock levelers.

Pit levelers are recessed into the area of the loading dock and can be adjusted in height by approximately 1 meter. They are usually operated by hydraulics or air and can carry weights to approximately 13,000 kg.

If not already installed, pit levelers will require a major construction effort, as the pit will have to be engineered into the dock prior to the installation of the pit leveler.

Edge-of-dock levelers are fitted to the edge of the loading bay where the fitment of pit levelers is either not feasible or too costly.

Edge-of-dock levelers are available with either hydraulic or mechanical operation and have a much less vertical movement range than pit levelers.

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